Our Beginnings

Every Great Story Has a Beginning

Our Story Starts in Atlantis With Support From The Adam's Family

Every great story starts somewhere, and ours is no different. The first Khaya Khanya lightweight concrete factory started in the community of Atlantis, outside Cape Town. 

A Family With Drive & Compasion For Community Upliftment

We were enormously fortunate to find a team of people who share our values and vision of community upliftment while supporting the environment.

Early Involvement & Support Throughout

Through their early involvement, tireless support and day-to-day commitment and contribution to the planning, construction and operations of the first Khaya Khanya factory in Atlantis, the Adam's family was the pillar of strength needed by their community from the outset and still today.

1st Factory in Atlantis Opened on 6 October 2021

Dr. Michael Adams & wife, Ps. Sabrina Adams Officially Opened the Khaya Khanya Lightweight Concrete Factory in Atlantis.

Dr Adams together with is wife, Ps. Sabrina Adams is the Founders and Senior Pastors of the Beacon Hill Breakthrough Kingdom Community. Together, they have 3 Children and 7 grandchildren. All their children are involved in ministry and lead as pastors in the church. Their Church is a thriving church on the West-coast 45km away from Cape Town. This is one of the fastest growing churches in the region. During 2001, Dr. Michael Adams received an honorary doctorate in Theology, from Agape Theological Seminary International, Seoul, South Korea for excellent work done in Atlantis amongst his people. He is a strong community leader with great strength in the Lord. He was a presenter, with his own radio program “Atlantis Alive” broadcasted live from the Atlantis Beacon Hill Church. His word ministry is motivational and challenging.

The Original Team in Atlantis

The Adam’s family manages the original Lightweight Concrete Factory in Atlantis.


Cindy Orange

Head of The Family

Dr Mike Adams

Head of Operations

John Adams

Administrative Head

Liesle Humbles

Creating Jobs & Supporting the Environment with Lightweight Concrete Factories

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