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Khaya Khanya Lightweight Concrete Factories bring hope to communities in SA

South Africa’s first community polystyrene brick-making factory using recycled polystyrene opened in 2022  in Atlantis outside of Cape Town. The Khaya Khanya Atlantis Lightweight Concrete Factory is the first franchise of many that will be established in municipalities around South Africa over the next five years. The factories are expected to process and recycle a minimum of 25 tonnes polystyrene per month and will help to grow its recycling rate by at least 5% within the first year.

Khaya Khaya has partnered with GreenLite Insulated Concrete, whose bricks are the culmination of more than 18 years of  manufacturing and installing ABT’s (alternative building technology) in South Africa.

These blocks are proving invaluable to the construction industry where clients and contractors are able to reduce their structural concrete and steel requirements due to the lightweight nature of the walls. The highly insulated walls also offer the added benefit of further energy savings to the client over the lifespan of the building.

With climate change looming and the rising cost of energy we are now forced to look at sustainable building options. GreenLite Concrete blocks and screeds fulfill these requirements. We have successfully integrated conventional building techniques with alternative building technology.

All our bricks are waterproof, fireproof and offers excellent insulation against cold, heat and sound. The building process is easier, faster and cheaper, plus it uses the waste removed from the community in a positive way that offers long-term benefits. The tremendous growth experienced in the demand for these bricks made us realise that we could roll out factories on a large scale by establishing polystyrene recycling hubs in impoverished communities where the waste crisis, housing backlogs and unemployment figures are at its worst

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