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Strong, Light, Insulated, Waterproof & Recycled

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Strong, Light, Insulated & Recycled

GreenLite Insulated Concrete is the culmination of more than 18 years of  manufacturing and installing ABT’s (alternative building technology) in South Africa.


Light weight concrete blocks, screeds and cavity in-fill

We felt that there had to be a more environmentally friendly way of implementing our insulated building systems. The answer was to use recycled polystyrene which formed the basis of our energy efficient walling systems. We recycle post consumer polystyrene back into eps beads through our recycling plants. This material is then used as aggregate mixed with cement and additives to form insulated, soundproof, fireproof, water-resistant lightweight concrete blocks and screeds.

These blocks are proving invaluable to the construction industry

Clients and contractors are able to reduce their structural concrete and steel requirements due to the lightweight nature of the walls. The highly insulated walls also offer the added benefit of further energy savings to the client over the lifespan of the building.

Environmental Champions

With climate change looming and the rising cost of energy we are now forced to look at sustainable building options. GreenLite Concrete blocks and screeds fulfill these requirements. We have successfully integrated conventional building techniques with alternative building technology.

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